Advanced Call Center

Configuration Properties


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Choosing TAPI or direct COM port access operation is critical for compatibility. To learn more about these issues, please read F.A.Q. #21.

Property Description
General Startup settings, LCD screen color
Answering Machine Answering machine settings, incoming message time limit
Recording Recording source, path, auto recording
Telephone Device Telephone device (modem or telephony card selection)
   Advanced Advanced settings such as silence detection and AGC
   Developer Mode Modem voice compression settings
Troubleshooting Compatibility and troubleshooting options
Caller ID Several options regarding Caller ID type and detection
   ANI ANI options
Dialer Dialer options, including ring-back and area codes parameters
Sounds Sounds played via modem and sound card
Fax Settings for external FAX software
Call Notification Methods of announcing incoming calls
   Visual Options related to visual call notification (pop-up, LED etc.)
   E-mail Notification of an incoming call via e-mail (MAPI)
   Pager Notification of an incoming call via pager
   Voice Announcing incoming calls' details
Schedule Various scheduling methods
   Applications Controlling program's behavior when other applications are run

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