Advanced Call Center

Properties : Answering Machine

Setting Description
Enable answering machine Sets answering machine on or off
Answer after ... rings Number of rings to enable the answering machine after
Emulate ... rings In case TYPE II Caller ID is used (say, ANI) imitates this number of rings after going off-hook
Limit incoming messages to ... seconds Maximum message length to take
Black List Calls  
For black list, do this action Selects an action to perform for callers who are in the Black List.  To put a caller to the Black List go to the Address Book, create a contact and associate a telephone number with it. At the bottom of the very first property page there will be a "Priority" option. Set it to "Black List" position.
Mute all sounds and visuals for black listed calls Disables any pop-up or sound alert from being displayed if a black-listed contact is calling.


To black list N/A, Out Of Area and Private calls, refer to this article.

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