Advanced Call Center

How to assign sounds and/or greeting messages for blocked and unavailable calls?

There is an option to play a specific sound for UNKNOWN, PRIVATE and OUT OF AREA numbers as well as your own 'greeting' message to the callers.

Add the following contacts to your contact book:

Description Name Associated Phone Number Comment
Unavailable (not detected or detected with error) calls Any name you wish for not detected calls.  Default is 'N/A' N/A Sometimes caller ID can be missing or be received in a corrupted form.  Define a contact with 'N/A' phone number for these cases.
Blocked (private) calls A name of your choice for blocked calls.  Default is 'Private' P Please read this article for more information on blocked calls.
Out of area calls A name of your choice for out of area calls.  Default is 'Out of area' O This article describes which calls can go out of area.

Click 'Contacts' to open your contacts list.  Click "New", type any name you wish.  In the "Phone Number" field type "N/A" (without quotation marks) for not detected/unavailable numbers, "O" for out of area calls and "P" for private calls.  Define incoming ring and greeting message sounds you'd like to assign to this number.  Treat these records as regular contacts: say, can assign 'Black list' priority for blocked calls and 'White list' for calls from another areas (and vise versa).

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