Advanced Call Center

Configuration Overview

There are several types of program configuration:

The Setup wizard appears when the program is initially run. The program provides with selection of one of two modes: direct COM port access or standard TAPI interface. TAPI stands for Telephony Applications Programming Interface. Your selection is critical both for compatibility and for troubleshooting.

If you want to learn more about TAPI and direct COM port access modes, please refer to the appropriate F.A.Q. #21.

Also choose the serial port and modem type. Al mentioned settings can be modified from the 'Properties' dialog or by running setup again.

Properties dialog is divided into several sections (tabs), each controlling a specific set of features. Most defaults are valid, though several program preferences can be set here.

Modem Strings configuration allows you defining your modem setup strings; this provides for compatibility with unsupported modems ('Custom' devices).

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