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Modems with Caller ID in the UK

Telephone companies that use the Bellcore CND system will support any of the American Caller ID modems. However, if you need BT Caller ID, your modem options are limited to Hayes and Pace. The new Aztech 56K modems are reputed to support CLI.

Problems with Hayes modems include polarity sensitivity and insufficent sensitivity to the Caller ID signal. Increasing the line gain may help, as can tweaking the hardware, but there are no guarantees. These problems are as much complicated as ambiguity of which modems are Caller ID capable. Only the Voice models of the Accura 336 have Caller ID, of which the external ones are more reliable. Only the Message versions of the 56K Speakerphone model have it, as do 56K internal models with "A" serial numbers, but not "L" serial numbers. It works on an Accura 288 Message modem. The firmware update may help if your Hayes modem does not detect polarity. For troubleshooting read these posts.

56k USR/3COM Message Modem V90/X2 is known to support BT Caller ID.


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