Advanced Call Center

Remote Control


The program supports various remote control actions via touch-tone keys. To set up remote control, use Options -> Remote Control -> Touch-Tone Keys tab.

Sample Scenario

Open the Properties dialog at Tools -> Options. Go to Options -> Remote Control -> Touch-Tone Keys and assign "1" to do the "retrieve messages (remote)".  Go to Options -> Remote Control and assign "1234" as a PIN code. Press OK to save settings and close the Properties dialog.  Turn on the answering machine at Options -> Answering Machine.

Dial in.  During the greeting message, press "1" to enter the remote access mode. Now enter your PIN code ("1234").  If the PIN is correct, you will hear the messages.  Use the keys defined below to navigate through calls.

Remote Message Retrieval

The program allows the user to retrieve the messages remotely.  To do so, it should be turned on by assigning a tone key to "Retrieve Messages" action.

Control Keys for Message Retrieval

After the program has entered retrieval mode, it starts playing back the first message.  The software enumerates messages in the older to newer order.  It is possible to skip the message, or to jump directly to the last message in the list.  After it reaches the last message, it starts to plays back the retrieval instructions repeatedly.  The following tone keys are used while in the retrieval mode:

Key Action
1 First message (jump to beginning)
2 Continue retrieving (un-pause)
3 Last message (jump to end)
4 Play previous message (skip backwards)
5 Replay current message
6 Play next message (skip forward)
7 Stop retrieving (pause) / Replay instructions
8 Delete current message (deletes to either Deleted Items folder or completely,
depending on Inbox settings)
9 -
0 Hang up
* Reserved. Start entering PIN / access code (or clear the current one in the case it's wrong)
# Reserved, Finish entering PIN / access code (press "#" after entering the PIN


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