Advanced Call Center

Why Record Telephone Calls?

There can be a plenty of reasons why a company may need to record telephone conversations. For example:

Agent Training: It is often helpful to have the person answering your telephone calls hear their own voice and listen to how callers hear them. This will help them improve their call etiquette.

Quality Assurance: Call handling can be monitored on a monthly or bi-monthly basis to see where improvements are needed.

Quality Control: Call confirmation and "he said/she said" disputes.

Security/Liability: A recording of a conversation can be priceless if your business were to ever end up in court. Being accountable to your clients can help your business earn the respect of your customers.

A large number of organizations undertake monitoring of call. As suggested above, the purpose of this is to enable the company managers to gather information about the way in which the customer service representatives are "handling" the customer ("Quality Control"). This is then used as an assessment of the customer service representative's performance as part of the ongoing education and training of the customer service representative. The monitoring can be done by means of "double jacking" at the point where the customer service representative is sitting or alternatively can be done at another point so that neither the customer nor the customer service representative knows that the monitoring is taking place. In either case, the customer is unaware that monitoring is taking place, which may be illegal in many states.



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