Advanced Call Center

Tray Icon

You can access most of program functionality from single pop-up menu.

When you run the Advanced Call Center, its icon appears in the system tray.  This icon allows you a full user interface:

  • Right-clicking the icon calls up the Pop-up Menu containing all the program functionality.  See the list of pop-up menu commands here.
  • The icon changes depending on the program status.  The list of icon meanings follows.
  • Currently icon does not reflect difference between User modes (like 'Available/Connect' and 'Do Not Disturb' modes).  There will be icons added in later versions to show 'mode'.

    Icon Description
    Monitoring tray icon Normal icon of a handset and a device is shown when the program is in monitoring mode.
    Initialisation tray icon Blinking red icon of the same shape as main icon means initialization phase.
    Answering Machine tray icon Answering machine icon is shown when the Answering Machine mode is active.
    Pause tray icon Icon looking like a tape recorder 'Pause' button means the program is in 'Paused' mode and is not monitoring the modem port.
    Incoming Ring tray icon Bell icon reflects an incoming call.
    Talking tray icon A 'Sounding handset' icon appears when you answer a call.
    Hold tray icon A 'Handset with a note' icon appears when you hold the line.
    Off-hook tray icon A 'Handset' icon appears when in off-hook state.
    Speakerphone tray icon A 'Sounding speaker' icon appears when you go to the Speakerphone mode.
    Play tray icon Blinking Tape Play icon is shown when playing a greeting message.
    Record tray icon Blinking Tape Record icon is shown when recording the message.

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