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Importing Contact List From Another Application



Your file is 'c:\wab.txt'. In the 'Preview' field you see the following:

Name,Nickname,E-mail Address,Home Street,Home City,Home Postal Code,Home State,Home Country,Home Phone,Home Fax,Mobile Phone,Personal Web Page,Business Street,Business City,Business Postal Code,Business State,Business Country,Business Web Page,Business Phone,Business Fax,Company,Job Title,Notes

Set field numbers. The first entry is 'Name', so locate 'Name' in the set of edit boxes. Assign this field number 1.

Next field in preview is 'Nickname'. Locate the 'Nick' edit box and assign it value of 2.

Similarly, assign 'E-mail Address' (you may choose between assigning 'Home e-mail' or 'Business e-mail' fields or both) to 3, 'Home Street' to 'Home address' = 4 and so on, for all remaining.

If there is no matching field, omit it by specifying zero (0).

After you assign all the fields, press the 'OK' button. The system will display a count of items successfully imported.

Known issues

When exporting Comma Separated Values from Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, you may get multi-line records like
John Doe,,,,"This is a multiline

Note there is a break after 'multiline'. ACC can not handle this case correctly, so you need to manually edit the file removing breaks in the middle of records.

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