Advanced Call Center

How to make ACC to receive faxes?

For general information please read this answer from the FAQ. Note that Advanced Call Center must be running in the TAPI mode in order to be able to pass faxes to an external application.

Configuring Microsoft Fax

Microsoft Fax is a faxing program that comes with every version of Windows. It is possible to configure Microsoft Fax so that it can be used with Advanced Call Center to take fax calls.

In order for Advanced Call Center to correctly pass fax calls to Microsoft Fax, you must first correctly set up the Fax component of Microsoft Exchange, and then ensure that the Microsoft Fax icon is in the Windows system tray.

In order to use Microsoft Fax in Windows 95 and 98 you must also install MS Exchange or Outlook 2000.

Windows 98: You will need to install MS Exchange and MS Fax manually by going to \tools\oldwin95\message directory on the Windows98 CD-ROM and running the wms.exe and awfax.exe installation programs.

Windows 2000: Configure Fax properties at the Control Panel.

MS Fax Properties Page

To bring up this page you can do either of the following:

Right click on the Fax icon in the Bottom right hand corner tray:


Select Windows Messaging Tools -> Services menu that will bring up the Services screen,


In the Control Panel double click on the Mail and Fax (Windows 95/98) icon , or Fax icon in Windows 2000, which will bring up the following screen:

Select Microsoft Fax and press Properties, this will bring up the next screen. Select the Modem tab and you will see a list of modems which Windows can use to send and receive faxes.

Select the modem which you want to use to receive incoming faxes, press the Set as Active Fax Modem button to permanently select this modem as your choice, and then press Properties.

You should now be looking at the Fax Modem Properties page itself:

Set the "Answer after" setting to the number of rings at least 2 higher then what Advanced Call Center is configured for (Advanced Call Center - Properties - Answering Machine).

Press Advanced:

Select "Use Class 2 if available".

Click on OK's until you have exited all the windows. You will now have to restart Microsoft Exchange before the settings you have just changed here will take effect.

Make sure MS Fax is running

Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Networking must start before the Advanced Call Center is started. Microsoft Fax will be started by Microsoft Exchange. You can tell if Microsoft Fax is running by looking at the Icon Tray in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. If you can see the little fax icon there then Microsoft Fax is running. The Fax icon is the third from the left in the sample picture below:

You can now run Advanced Call Center. Any incoming fax calls which arrive on on the line monitored by Microsoft Fax will be passed by Advanced Call Center to Microsoft Fax.

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