Advanced Call Center


Download the latest release of the corresponding edition and install it over the previous version.  Make sure to exit completely the previous version of the program if it was running.

Please visit the Web page at:

to download the latest version and find out more about our software.

If you need to reinstall

Your custom settings are stored in the Advanced Call Center application folder (usually C:\Program Files\acc\), in the *.ini files.  Your address book stored in the miniDB.dat file; profile information resides in the identities.db file.  All recorded messages are stored in the \Profiles subfolder.  These files and folders will not be overwritten during the reinstallation.  You may copy them to a new location if you decide to install the product to a different folder.

If for any reason your registration information becomes invalid or lost, send us an e-mail together with the details of your previous registration.  You will receive a new license via e-mail at no charge.


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